Extra Credit- “Your So Called Education”

After reading this piece I found that I have to some what disagree with what is being said. I am of course aware that I can not deny the facts. It was stated that students now rather than the 1960s study much less and have much less work. Does that really mean they are learning less? This new technological age as brought to the world a new field of knowledge. I believe that students today are smarter than they have ever been with so much to know and learn. I think that to say a study doesn’t study for 26 hours a week and read 45 pages of a book per week is more uneducated than someone who does is ignorant. Some people don’t need to study as long as others because they are more prone to take in knowledge that is learned.
I also believe that other factors need to be brought into prospective. Students during this age are very much expected to pay for their own education or pay for most of it. For this reason many students need to have a job, whether part time or even full time. This of course cuts into the time that students have to study or read or do their homework. It is not always as easy as telling a student you need to study more rather than giving them the time to study.
My education has been very much treasured by my family and I alike. I have been doing well in college but probably don’t study as much as a I should. I have a part time job that keep me working until early morning hours and I have little time to sleep before I need to be at school again. I wish that I had the time to dedicate to my school work but for me it is just impossible. I believe that if I went to a school that I dormed at and didn’t have to worry about working I would have a lot more time to focus on my studying.
According to the article, colleges have been cutting funds going to bettering the education provided at the universities and college campuses alike. Also it is stated that most programs rate professors based on how they liked a class giving professors the enticement to give good grades for even poor performance. I think that is untrue in the case of Queens College. Many students rate their professors not based on the grade they received but based on the intelligence of the teacher in that subject and so forth.

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