Extra Credit – “Your So-Called Education”

As a graduating undergraduate college student, I am not surprised by the information in the article stating that the overall quality of undergraduate learning is poor. There are several different reasons why one may go to college, but many people go to college for simply the wrong reasons. In the past, people chose to go to college because they actually desired to learn and use what they had learned to apply it to a career after college. Today, I feel that many people go to college because they know that without a college degree, that their chances of having a career afterwards would be almost impossible.

In the Fall of 2007, I had started my college career at SUNY Oneonta. I was unaware of the stereotypes that had coined the college as a “party school” or “Stoeneonta;” I chose to go to school there because I simply desired to study in their Pre-Veterinary program. The first night I spent in my college dorm room was not what I had expected. My roommate, that I had known for a whole 2 hours, did not come home that night. I had later found out that she was out partying with older friends of hers that were already undergraduates at the school. To my surprise, not everyone was going to college to learn. After putting up with a roommate in an unrecognised sorority who enjoyed partying every night, I decided to transfer to CUNY Queens College and to live back home with my family. Even though I may not have had the freedom I once had while living on my own away at school, I feel that now I am surrounded with more people going to school for the reasons I chose to go to school; to actually learn something.

I feel that many people, like my old roommate, go to college for the wrong reasons. In the past, more people went to college because it was a personal choice to do so. Today, everyone goes to college because everyone else they know is going to college. The overall quality of undergraduate learning is so poor because people no longer take college seriously. People watch movies and television shows about college and truly believe that college life is similar. Reality may only set in once one is thrown out of college for consistently having poor grades due to not doing work or going to class.

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5 Responses to “Extra Credit – “Your So-Called Education””

  1. safia says:

    I agree, some students just go to college for the wrong reasons. Some schools in SUNY have that reputation of being a party school, and that is why people go there, and they talk about having a free life whithout any restrictions.

  2. mikesans76 says:

    Good point Safia, the amount of drinking and partying that goes on in colleges across the country is excessive. In a lot of cases students start drinking of Thursdays and continue throught the weekend. Clearly these students must have an alternative motive for going away to school, alternative t0 studying.

  3. Prof. Hala says:

    Congratulations, Jessica! It sounds like you made the right choice in transferring out of ‘Stoneanta’ (I’d never heard that one, too funny). Look at it this way, once you get to move out of your parents,’ you’ll have a real appreciation for freedom. Good luck!

  4. kagront100 says:

    I also agree that some students go to college for the reasons but with the pressure of the economy this makes having a college degree mandatory as there is growing competition. As it is now, a Bachelors degree may not even be enough as anything higher than this is seen as better. I remember when my older sister lost her job as some one with a Masters replaced her. Just as she was, many people will get depressed and hopeless if they lose their jobs so I think many students want to avoid this and go as far as they can in college so they don’t have to worry later on in their lives. The level of education shouldn’t label any person as any more better than another person but sadly this isn’t the case in the working world.

  5. kagront100 says:

    for the wrong reasons*