Extra Credit: “Your-So Called Education”

This is only my second semester at college, but I already have a good feel of what it’s like. A lot of students don’t take college so seriously, and it results in college not being so serious. I see so many students who never attend one class and only show up for the midterm or final; to me majority of these people don’t care so much about college or think they can study for a few hours and pass. I attend all of the classes, do the work, and study so I can get the most out of my college education. I’m paying for it, so why not gain the most out of it?

It’s a mixture of the students and the professors, some students don’t take it seriosuly, and some professors don’t make the students work so hard. As was said in the article, the evaluations are soley the opinion of the students, and whether a professor is going to be higher-ed or not the next semester  is based on the evaluations, and that does create a real problem. The students are running the colleges, choosing what they want and that becomes what the college experience is like. I can easily find out what professors are hard, or easy and choose to take those professors to make it easier on myself. And I know many other people do that as well, and then that class isn’t as serious, it becomes a joke. As a result, not much is gained from the class.

Even though I haven’t taken enough classes yet to fully be able to support this, most classes either don’t have so much reading or you can get by without it. And when students don’t have the reading and aren’t attending class they aren’t gaining so much out of their college education. Students tend to study for one exam, and by the next one they forget what they’ve learnt. It becomes so easy at that point to just study for the exams and do nothing else when that’s all a professor requires. I’m not saying that professors should make college tremendously harder, just possibly enough that students are able to gain something more out of it than they are currently.

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2 Responses to “Extra Credit: “Your-So Called Education””

  1. kagront100 says:

    With websites like ratemyprofessors.com it becomes easy for students to find out if they can take the “easy” way out of a class by doing research on the professor. Another thing that I can say will make students not show up to class or not take school seriously is when the course material is posted on the internet, making lessons available at any time of the day. This option of being able to view the course material online poses its advantages and disadvantages as they can be a study guide for exams and can help students succeed and educate themselves BUT this can cause the laziness which causes students to not want to come to class since what they’re going to learn in a lecture is already available to them.

  2. Prof. Hala says:

    First-years REPRESENT! You seem wise beyond your years in college, Samantha (and have performed at the level of the most advanced students). I think you’re right, and this holds especially for bigger public universities, you get out of college what you put into it. So by the end of four years, I expect you will have gotten a LOT out of college!