Extra-Credit Blog on “Your So-Called Education”

I personally feel satisfied with my education at Queens College. I, however, searched on “rate my professors dot com” to see what students thought of a particular professor. So far Ive lucked out and have been fortunate to get laid back and nice professors. Most of my professors have been adjuncts so I am seeing good things coming to future Queens college students.

A poor man’s college such as Baruch or QC have nothing to hide when people say it’s one of the best. I feel there is an opportunity for every single person to get a great education and perhaps even better than a private college.
I feel some students don’t know what they are going to do in the future, so they go to college to improve their grades or to 4 year one. Everyone has different tastes, but I think with helpful counseling in Frese hall, which I’ve visited and made a couple appointments, students will know what to do for the most part for their future.

College for me is to move up the ranks, getting a degree, and hopefully find a decent job. This could not be done by the professors alone, but the students themselves. It takes a lot of effort but anyone is capable of doing well. The cuny system does help the less well-off get a good education. So there is hope for everything no matter one’s backround, religion, or nationality.


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One Response to “Extra-Credit Blog on “Your So-Called Education””

  1. kagront100 says:

    The problem with “rate my professors dot com” is that the students who typically comment and rate the professors on the website are usually the ones who either did very good or very poorly in the course. So, like everything you see on the internet, not everything you see is true plus everyones opinion is different. I think college is a very important part of ones life as it opens up many doors of opportunity and helps begin the step to achieving a successful future if the effort is put into it. A part of this success is a professor that helped a student get to where they ended up so it is important to make sure the professor you are going to have is a good one.