media and Sovereignty

As the world evolves, we are constantly being hidden by the truth and what’s really going on around us. Not only does the media take part in this but so does the government, and it is shown through newspaper articles, the internet and the social networks. One of the issues of todays society is that we are not being exposed to the truth. Religion also plays a major role in what is allowed to be shown and this is clearly portrayed in the Hasidic newspaper Di Tzeitung. This is a Yiddish newspaper that is sold in an ultra orthodox neighbor in Brooklyn that excluded Hillary Clinton from being in the “Situation Room” picture as well as another female. This photo is a huge deal especially for history and for a newspaper to go and edit it is morally incorrect.

In the interview with the publisher Albert Freidman, he gave his apologies to the white house and state departments. He claims that the picture was not suppose to be published in the first place and that the editor did not read the fine print in the iconic picture where Hillary Clinton goes missing. Friedman states that although women are respected, due to Jewish Laws and modesty they are not allowed to publish pictures of woman. They believe that women are a distraction but they are not inferior. In the area in Brooklyn where the newspaper is sold, it is a strict orthodox neighborhood that even has signs to remind the women that tight clothing and dresses and skirts below the knee are forbidden. This newspaper tried to censor the image of women in their picture which would have been understandable if they weren’t properly dressed because it would go against the religion but they were appropriate.

This kind of liberty with history shows a complete disconnect with humanity, reality and the truth. It puts into question what they believe and whether or not they took her out of the picture simply because she is a woman and they don’t like the idea of a woman with that much political power. They said it was not with intentions to project those kinds of opinions but pictures speak louder than words. The editor of this newspaper literally erased the existence of women in the “situation room” where Obama and other high-ranking government and military officials watched the raid of Osama Bin laden. Freidman reminded us that there is not only freedom of press but also freedom of religion and that they have to abide by laws and modesty. However, does this really give the media the right to remove Hillary Clinton and another woman from this Historic event? This scandalous photograph can be questionable about whether or not we are really moving forward.

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3 Responses to “media and Sovereignty”

  1. lisaaa says:

    I think it is offensive that they took Hilary and the other lady out of the picture because it’s almost to say they are irrelevant. I can’t believe there are people that are okay with this idea. I think it’s so stupid that they said women are distracting as if they don’t interact with women on a daily basis.

  2. Prof. Hala says:

    Yes, I’d heard about this — a great case to explore how different norms and rules shape media in different communities, and how secular and religious values can come into conflict.

  3. kagront100 says:

    This is interesting, to me it sounds like Hilary Clinton was simply removed from the newspaper because she is a woman due to the fact that her clothing was considered to be appropriate. This is unfair to women in this community but as Friedman states, there is freedom of religion and ones beliefs shouldn’t be judged as ones religion makes many people who they are.