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The Yes men are two or sometimes 3 men who would pull pranks of government officials or companies┬áto get their point across about certain situations in todays world. A recent prank they had pulled was on the oil company Chevron. Chevron has a new slogan “We Agree” which is a very ironic and I think bad slogan. Chevron has been mistreating and mispaying its employees in nations such as Ecuador and Nigeria.

The Yes man had made a spoof “We Agree” website before Chevron was able to create one that had new and improved ad’s. Chevron and the fake website went back and forth throughout the day arguing about what is going on in Ecuador. Many companies had fell for the spoof website and some companies even used mission statements from the spoof website to describe Chevron. The Yes men had done what Chevron spends millions on every year, to spoof the media.

I believe what the Yes men are doing is a great thing. They are shedding light on topics not many people would know about because of the stranglehold the media is under from Chevron. As we all know, money makes this world go around. When millions upon millions of dollars are put in front of your face to not say something, it is hard to say no. This is what Chevron would do to these media companies so they would not rat them out on their mistreating of its employees and earth with its hazerdous materials. The Yes Men are doing something that many people could not do which is tell the public the true story behind some situations. I believe Chevron is a terrible company for trying to cover up their lies by spending money to pursuade the media.

Here we see Chevron’s “We Agree” campaign :

Here we see the fake :

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2 Responses to “Blog 5- Chevron”

  1. peterjun says:

    I agree that the yes men are doing an incredible job with such limited resources. Large corporations such as Chevron have plenty of lobbyist on capital hill to squash any legitimate attack on its corporate interests. How can the general public compete with that? The use of an outlet powerful enough to bring out the giants and embarrass them of their abuse of power is a necessity to keep some sort of check and attention to the general public.

  2. Techslips says:

    which year is that