Blog 3- Ohio CSNY

One of the most famous protests ever in America, definetly the most famous student protest, was the Kent State University protests against the war in Cambodia and Vietnam. The video begins show pictures of the four students who were tragically shot by United States soldiers during this protest. It continues to show pictures of the students beginning to protest and showing the soldiers rushing to the school’s campus. There are many photographs taken this day, most significantly the picture from the TIME magazine with the people over the woman’s dead body. The song is also significant in the video as this shows not only did this protest catch the newspaper’s attention, but it caught attention across the country. From the homeless people to the millionaire entertainers, this story reached from east to west coast.

The Kent State protest can signify the control a government wants to have over it’s people. Although America is considered a free country, your freedom is on thin ice. This country is known for it’s freedom and most importantly it’s freedom of speech. Many believe that the press is controlled by government and that they only let the press say what the government wants them to say. The young intelligent minds at Kent State University were indeed committing acts of violence toward authorities. There were many reports of them throwing rocks and anything else they could throw at the officers. This is what led to the shots being fired.

Although it is wrong to throw rocks or any other object at somebody, it does not deserve death or a bullet wound. These people were protesting peacefully and were not harming anybody until the authorites tried to take away their freedom of speech.  It seems as though government’s will let their people talk if they have something good to say, but if they are speaking negativly something has to be done about it. The government had let the people of Kent State protest for too long in their eyes and it needed to end. Unlike what our constitution states, President Nixon decided to take away these students freedom to protest.

Here is an article that speaks about what took place at Kent State.

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4 Responses to “Blog 3- Ohio CSNY”

  1. lisaaa says:

    I heard they were throwing beer bottles too. But still, there were many other ways to handle the situation. I don’t think the National Guard needed to get involved. Even worse, Nixon was glad to get the protestors out the way.

  2. rklein100 says:

    Lisa can you tell me the final date, time and classroom?

  3. lisaaa says:

    The final is tomorrow. Should be the same room and same timing.