Blog 2-“Crosby Nash still young”

This video was very disturbing. The video starts out in a middle eastern country with American soldiers spending time with young native children. Some of the pictures you see are nice pictures of the soldier sharing a smile with the young child. But some of the pictures are one’s I would never think to see. A soldier showing a child his gun, or possibly be teaching him to use it. The picture at :45 seconds was also disturbing. Seeing these children holding AK-47’s is mind blowing. As the video rolls on you see pictures of young American children. These children are depicted in their everyday lives, in a pool and playing around. This is what children should be doing, not playing with guns as the middle eastern children are.

This video makes me think about the different cultures in this world. In america, it is extremely unethical to teach a child how to use a firearm. In the middle east, not only do they know how to use a firearm at an early age but they actually use it. Many children are forced out onto the battle field by their terrorist group’s in the middle east. It is very troubling to know that these children are participating in these acts of violence when as a child you shouldnt even know what violence is, never the less partake in violence. It also makes me think about how we view other cultures, and why are we showing other cultures violence but not our own children? Why would you show a child from one nation how to use a gun, but not your own? That doesn’t make sense to me. It is like you are looking at that other culture as inferior to you and you dont care if they learn about violence which leads to them killing others possibly innocent people.

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One Response to “Blog 2-“Crosby Nash still young””

  1. kurman100 says:

    The video truly shows how Americas culture and values differs from Middle Eastern ones. In America children are taught that guns are dangerous while Middle Eastern children are taught how to use a gun at a young age. As you said it is troubling and disturbing to see these children participating in violence when in fact children that young should not even know that violence exists.