Assignment 1 Creolization

The creolization of western clothing really seemed interesting to me. Western clothing has impacted so many people on a global level that I feel this is a great topic. Many people all over the world had their own clothing that they would wear to go along with their customs. Whether it be the Japanese and their kimono’s, Indians’ dhoti, Muslims kurta and kufi hats ect., every culture had their own way of dressing. It was not until the early nineteenth century where western clothing really started to make an impact on the world. This creolization of western clothing had a huge impact on society.

Western clothing in a way started out from pilgrims and immigrants. Later it was changed and influenced by British clothing. The first tie was invented in 1880 by a English man named George Bryan Brummell. He invented the “business suit” dark coat/pants, black shoes and clean white neck cloth. This was later brought over to the U.S and worn by wealthy business men. This totally changed how people dressed. This “uniform business look” changed the way people dressed all over the world and made it a symbol of both neatness and wealth. The influence it had on the world is impressive and unbelievable. With travel and trade this quickly spread to countries all over the world.

Another example that I can think of is the shell-toe Adidas sneakers worn by the Rap group Run DMC. These pioneers of rap/hip hop music went into a store to buy these shoes. Since they were the newest shoes out they could not wait and had to wear them right away. The salesman forgot to lace the sneakers and the group put the shoes on anyway and started walking around the city. Soon word spread that not only where those the “it” sneakers but there was also a specific way you had to wear them…loose with no laces. Although funny this style spread to Europe and all over the globe due to MTV and the spread of television media.

               This creolization of western clothing was heavily influenced by travel, movies and the spread of pop culture. It is a staple of the modern day “uniform business look” and trendy styles. Western clothing has spread all around the world and has influenced so many cultures, most of the world sporting these styles today.

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2 Responses to “Assignment 1 Creolization”

  1. Prof. Hala says:

    Interesting piece, that looks at the spread of Western clothing styles around the world, from the 19th century to the 1980s! Well done.

  2. kagront100 says:

    Fashion is always changing, sometimes in new forms or going back to old forms of style. In the 80’s many women wore baggy pants and big crazy hair to match with this but nowadays the tighter women dress the better. Back then, if men wore a pair of skinny jeans they would probably be looked at funny or their sexual orientation would be questioned. Now, you see many men wearing tight fitting jeans but the attitude towards them is different and this may be seen as stylish to some. Personally, I believe if a guy is wearing jeans that are tighter than mine there’s a problem! So I believe it’s all about preference rather then what is the latest trend that is more important because some of these trends are ridiculous and shouldn’t be followed even if it is a must have or an “it” item.