blog # 4 the role of religions

Tariq Ramadan a professor at Oxford.was banned by the United States by homeland security. He speaks about visions of reformist Islam’s and the association of Islam and the west. He was banned from 6 countries. Ramadan refers to Islam as a western religion and explains how we should go beyond perceptions.  He states how Muslim’s are already accustomed to their surroundings and speaks about how we should contribute to a country. Tariq goes on to say how great majority of Muslims have no problem with other societies and says they are calm and wise in the way they reacted in regards to the south park issue. Another argument was the French government sees a value in not having woman wear head scarf’s. Ramadan’s response was that Islam’s don’t come with policies and I think it was a good statement for him to say so that neither he nor the religion is to be judged.

In regards to a comment he had said earlier about how there should be moratorium in the stoning of woman I think he chose the right word only because he was taking the bigger picture of it and not the negative side how everyone perceived his statement. His point is not to please the west but to change mentalities and believes if you deal with Muslims you have to come with Islamic arguments. He wants people to see how things are moving from within not how they are portrayed to be. Tariq believes Obama’s administration is all new and to say Islam is an American religion it gives things a new perspective. I agree with Ramadan not only that Obama has preformed better than past presidents but as a country not only in regards to religion but in regards to color it shows that we have developed as a country and have come a long way.

In the “Letter Concerning Toleration” we see Locke’s perspective when Catholicism was seen as a threat in England to “their way of life”. As a response Locke argues that religious toleration is the answer and that having more religious groups can prevent civil unrest. He believes that the one thing that gather the people into seditious commotions is oppression. Locke stresses oppression in his letter and I agree religion is not what makes men into seditious actions it is their suffering that leads them to their religion. He makes a good point when he starts relating his letter to real life examples and how people join together. The role of religion here is crucial but it is not found through gatherings.

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