Blog #4

May 4th, 1970, National Guardsman shot unarmed students who were protesting. It was in Kent State University, where four students were killed, and 9 of them were permanently paralyzed. The students were protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia, which President Nixon announced on April 30. This resulted in a four million student strike. The video shows some of the clips of what happened there, and shows unarmed students who were killed. The music being played in this video shows us things about the protests we have already had in the U.S. Many of the young people, including college students were concerned about being drafted to fight a war they strongly opposed. This somewhat reminded me of the video with the April 6th young movement. They were doing a protest unarmed as well, and some were also beaten and killed. This video shows the weapons the National Guard had with them approaching unarmed students, and if one student was to stop and help another they would be afraid to because they might suffer the same consequences.
Teach Your Children- War video
The second video shows how young kids are showed how to use weapons. It sings about how you have to teach your children well, even fathers and army soldiers help teach children how to use weapons. Some children that wanted to know why they would have to do such things, would end up crying, not wanting to do so. The video shows the hardships the children have to go through. They wouldn’t want to have war, but they would be forced by the government, if they were poor. This video shows how some people are taught at very young ages to kill and have war, so they can later serve in the army.

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3 Responses to “Blog #4”

  1. cynthiaaa says:

    I don’t understand why kids are being shown how to use weapons. Not only is it not safe but is this what really needs to be learned by the kids of the future? It seems crucial to me to keep enforcing it on a child to learn how to use a weapon when they are crying because they know what they are learning for which is to be trained to kill. Its also upsetting to know how the government would use the poor children to learn how to use a weapon with the intentions to have them serve in the army.

  2. Robert Klein says:

    I as well don’t understand why a child is taught to use a firearm. It is natural instinct for all of us human beings, child to adult, to learn natural survival skills. If a child is in danger, he or she will know to pick up that big stick to help use as defense during a dangerous moment. There is no need to teach a child how to use a firearm because no matter how well he may know what to do, he will never know how to use it. Terrible.

  3. lisaaa says:

    What I don’t get is the United States is making it seem like we are doing great things, and these other countries are SO dangerous. But when you look at these images, you see how much damage we caused to other countries. And supposedly they’re the bad guys? If the other countries were so dangerous why aren’t our kids preparing for warfare?