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In the audio “In Israel, When a Jew is Not Jewish Enough” we are introduced to a young Jewish man who is not considered a Jew. Although he feels very Jewish, his mother was not born a Jew, she was converted therefore he is not Jewish enough. In Israel, religious life is orthodox so he was not recognized as a Jew. This caused him confusion and I completely agreed with his point of view. I think it makes no sense how someone is not considered Jewish enough but they can still fight for the country, give up their freedom go to the army and lose their life to defend it.

In the audio we also heard what one of the ultra orthodox rabbi’s had to say in regards to this matter. He believes if one is to become a Jew it should be under the strictest interpretation of Jewish law. He believes that IEF course that the army conducts is a fake conversion and that they should use a different term other than a Jew. He feels offended and considers it to be cheating. I disagree with his point of view because anyone can convert into any religion they want and be just as religious if not more. On the other hand, I agree with the rabbi of reformed congregation and I think that its so ironic how a couple of years after the holocaust people want to become Jews but are being turned down.

In the reading of the “Christian Revolution” we see how it is stereo-typed that Christianity is a religion of the west. However, this is not true, not only is this religion surviving it is also expanding. Although it is historically said that there are low birth rates in Christian states, it is calculated that there will be a worldwide boom in the years to come. With the option of the conversions to Christianity it will be easier to keep the religion alive and spreading. The rise of Christendom had political consequences yet its higher set of standards and mores were thought to be universal. This idea collapsed due to the power of secular nationalism. This reading elaborates on the role of Christianity religion and how it has come across to so many countries and groups of people joining and converting.

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2 Responses to “Blog # 3 not jewish enough”

  1. safia says:

    I agree about the poeple who convert to a religion. Some of those people do become more religious than other people who were already born into the religion. They shouldnt have to prove themselves to be jewish enough. Now, when people are trying to be jews they are being turned down.

  2. lisaaa says:

    I don’t get why religions are rejecting people? Isn’t the whole idea of religion to spread the word and recruit more followers? I also agree that converts are more religious because it takes a lot to live free your whole life and then want to follow a religion that comes with restrictions.