Assignment #2

Media and sovereignty was shown during the impeachment trial of Philippine President Joseph Estrada. The corrupt congress of the country ruled to exclude importance evidence that would work against him. This infuriated the people of the Philippines and they took to the street, which was mainly orchestrated via forwarded text messages, which read, “Go 2 EDSA. Wear blk.” The protests grew huge and after a few days more than a million people were part of the protest mobilization.

The way the public was able to orchestrate such a huge public protest and mobilize so many to the streets, was an amazing act. According to online figures, almost seven million texts were sent during that week in the Philippines. The amazing outcome and outcry of the people led to a court reversal of their previous decision, which ultimately led to Estrada’s impeachment. Many believe that social media, in this case, text messaging, was responsible for his impeachment.

From the dawn of the internet age, the world’s networks has more increased to users in the billions. Social media agents such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype, SMS, MMS, BBM, etc. have become part of everyday life for a majority of the world.

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