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In “Meet the Yes Men, the Political Satirists Who Punked GE”, I was shocked to learn of the financial situation of GE. They had earned so much money, yet they weren’t paying taxes and on top of that received a 3.2 billion dollar tax benefit. Its mind boggling to me how that could have happened. Although reports said they would give it back, it was because of a”public outcry”. ┬áThe “Yes men” have spoofed the GE tagline and have “forced the multinational corporation to come out and quell investors’ fears it was giving back money received…”. The Yes men have taken upon themselves to take important pressing issues in society and make them into jokes so reporters are able to write about it. Something interesting about the men interviewed in this article is that they have regular day jobs, but they felt like activists at heart, which to me I feel is more important. As long as you love the cause your fighting for, does it really matter what your day job is? Servin is quoted as saying, “We create a fake story to expose the truth”. Everyone has opinions and different ways to make their voices heard and this is how the “Yes Men” have chosen to do it. They seem to be very successful because they are getting their work out there and making sure people see their spoofs.

In “Is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a Hero?”, I felt that Steven Aftergood brought up an interesting part of WikiLeaks that I haven’t heard yet. He brings up the fact that WikiLeaks was wrong about an investigation in Belgium about child abuse and murder, which ended up hurting innocent people. He mentioned that Belgium government was only attempting to block the website as a precaution for themselves. I think that people think that they are getting all this information and suddenly think they aren’t in the dark anymore about whats going on in the world but what was said about Belgium wasn’t true, we are still being left in the dark.

Glenn Greenwald also brings up valid arguments. He says that WikiLeaks is still a new organization and like every organization, makes mistakes. I do agree with him because a baby doesn’t learn to walk once its born. They are making progress by slowly exposing the Governments in the US and also around the world. So the little progress that they have made can easily already change the world in so many ways. So is Julian Assange a hero? I guess it depends who you ask, some might appreciate him acknowledging the fact that people want to know what is going on in their country but there are also those that don’t want to be embarrassed or have their lives effected by untrue reports.

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2 Responses to “Blog #5”

  1. mikesans76 says:

    I’ll admit that in the begining of the class I was really against technology. I felt it was a destructive tool, that it did nothing but meerly distract people from reality. But I must admit that their are some creative people doing very interesting things in regards to using these tools to tell the truth. I find the YES men to be creative, lie to tell the truth. Its entertaining and courageous. It is a way, in the modern world, to draw attention to people that otherwise would not even consider such issues.

    Wikileaks is quite interesting as well, in my view this is nothing more than creative modern journalism, a true search for some truth. It is quite daring, but people really should receive more information from government in order to create important discourse as opposed to listening to the same old construted narrative that the popular media feeds us. In short I am glad to see that their are outlets in which modern media can provide more insight and a lot less bullshit!

  2. kurman100 says:

    I agree in the sense that Wikileaks is there to provide people with information about the government that the media does not release. People should have the right to know what is occuring in their own government, and with this information they can form valid opinions.