Blog #5: Countering Neo-liberalism and Corporate Global Domination

In our globalised world much is made of the neo-liberal corporate dominating establishment. The hegemonic institutions that dominate markets through the use of technology; subsequently, shrinking borders and redefining national sovereignty. Economist ┬áPeter Evans argues that, “transnational connections can…be harnessed to the construction of more equitable distributions of wealth and power.” Simply put that globalisation does not have to be dominated by neo-liberal policy, that other entities can challenge such hegemony by utilizing the very same tools. He refer to it as “counter-hegemonic globalisation” and we can see evidence of it occurring all around the world.

Labor historian and BBC analyst Paul Mason speaks about a “youth revolt” in which young activist utilize technology in order to counter global corporate policies that hinder social advancement. Last January we saw young Egyptians conduct a “facebook revolution” to end dictatorship in that particular country. The movement, however, didn’t stop there. It spread throughout the middle east. The use of social media allotted the spread of activism to a global level. Such networking can now allow activist to pinpoint where the challenge can be most effective. It would allow groups that have similar grievances to connect in order to counter the established corporate advantage.

In the modern world it seems that such networking is essential in order to maintain any real sense of democracy. In order to perpetuate any kind of productive discourse, it would be best to connect with other people around the world. For example if labor unions in America are concerned with loosing jobs “over seas” to much cheaper labor, perhaps organizing or networking with laborers abroad could strengthen their cause. Evans gives us examples how labor unions are already doing this. He also calculates for non market movements such as environmental activism and humanitarian efforts such as feminist movements that are aimed to stop unfair treatment towards women.

In short in order to counter globalism you must use globalism. A global connection of such a magnitude provides a way to effect global markets that are dominated by TNC’s, impact political leaders that support their policies and connect with others in order to engage in debate from afar, such debate that may have an impact locally.

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One Response to “Blog #5: Countering Neo-liberalism and Corporate Global Domination”

  1. dianab says:

    Social media is revolutionizing the ways that protests and social movements are conducted.

    We see another example with the Ukrainian womens’ rights group FEMEN. They utilize social media tools to increase their group membership and spread their group’ message/goal (to end sex trafficking in the Ukraine). If anybody wants to read about them you can google them, but I should probably do my due diligence and provide a disclaimer that they are nontraditional activists….but I’m sure the guys in the class will be fans.