Blog #2 The Christian Revolution: Philip Jenkins Jaewon Choi

As stated in this article, most recently majority of Christians have lived in White nations or “European Christian” civilization. However, over the past century its new member growth takes place in the regions to Africa, Asia, and Latin America. A typical contemporary Christian is a woman living in a village in Nigeria or Brazil.  The worldwide growth of Christianity will boom in the current century and will be non-white or non-European based believers.

The era of Western Christianity is in decline and emerging Southern Christianity at present. The obvious difference between the older and newer churches in that Southern Christians are far more conservative in terms of beliefs and moral teaching. Southern Christianity has very strong ties to supernatural orientation and by far more interested in personal salvation than radical politics. Therefore the future of dominant churches will have more commonality with those of medieval or early modern European times.  However, the centers of troubled states are weak so are their citizens’ political loyalties that importance of their religious beliefs takes over for its lack of solidity and security. Both Muslim and Christian will define identities through their religious affiliation. The new southern Christianity could find unity in common religious beliefs and when it develops powerful Christian identity in culture and politics will want and aspire to some sort of global unity.

The newer churches the Bible can be read with any authenticity and immediacy to Southern Christians. As a large part of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, addresses the sufferings of God’s people in the face of evil secular authorities. Millions of Christians worldwide live in constant danger of persecution or forced conversion, from government or local vigilantes, modern Christians in Nigeria, the Sudan, or Indonesia. In varied situations, ordinary believers are forced to understand why their conditions in suffering are relevant to their present life of massacres and expulsion. Unlike in the West, the danger of some angry letters to local newspapers, but it can lead to bloodshed and massacre.  In these societies, The New Testament warnings about humility and discretion not just Christian virtues, they can make the difference between life and death.

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