Blog 4:Everyone’s Missing the point & Inside American Islam

Osama bin Laden’s death didn’t have much of an effect on me, mainly because I saw the whole thing as a bunch of propaganda. I saw the American celebrations as too much and way too late. Osama bin Laden has not been an active figure on the terrorism front in quite some time, and his ‘death’ was had more symbolic value than actual value. After 9/11, the US went on a wild goose chase to find bin Laden, trying and failing miserably until they got their lucky break 10 years later. Recently, there have been news reports saying how terrorism will morph into a singular act, such as Mohamed Bouazizi, with people acting alone instead of going to Al Quada for training. The aid that we are offering to Pakistan and Afghanistan is a flimsy attempt to make ourselves look good.

Akbar Ahmed explains the difference between American and European Muslims. When Muslims came to America, many of them did not bring their customs with them. After 9/11, they were not able to clearly explain their religion to people, which helped spread the anti-Muslim hysteria. The mainstream association of American Muslims and Al Quada is a shocking viewpoint that has become increasingly more popular. The bias against Islam is based on nothing more than false perceptions and misinformation. It is a shame that a radical group has become the face of a religion, tainting it in our minds.

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5 Responses to “Blog 4:Everyone’s Missing the point & Inside American Islam”

  1. Kurman100 says:

    Osama Bn Laden killed thousands of innocent people and was in the midst of plotting another attack on U.S soil therefore, not only was his death symbolic it was crucial for the well being of U.S citizens. Also, many of the victims families now have closure knowing that the mastermind was justifiably murdered.

  2. dianab says:

    I am definitely grateful that so many families have finally been able to get closure from Osama’s death. The work those first responders did turned a day of atrocity into one of unmatched heroism.

    I found it quite ironic how President Obama’s announcement Sunday night cut into the airing of Celebrity Apprentice – serves Trump right.

  3. cynthiaaa says:

    I disagree with you I think the Americans celebration on the death of Osama was just fine. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the murdering of the most wanted terrorist who left many people morning the death of their loved ones. Although celebrating won’t bring a person back its good to believe that justice was served after 10 years.
    I really think it’s a shame to come to America and leave your customs behind as it happened to the Muslims. This lead to the spreading of anti-Muslim hysteria which made no sense because they had nothing to do with I completely agree that these are false perceptions.

  4. rklein100 says:

    I absolutely am happy over the death of Osama. To leave him how he left thousands of people serves him right. “Eye for an eye”, its in the bible correct? Well then according to that he got what he deserved. All the people who were affected from 9/11 have recieved maybe the only real thing they could have wanted from 9/11, the death of Osama.

  5. lisaaa says:

    I thought it was funny to see all the young people going crazy in front of the camera. It’s just a shame to see how many innocent lives they went through to finally catch one man who was supposedly hidden in a cave. There’s nothing to celebrate because the terrorists are already saying that our joy is gonna turn into sadness.