Blog #4 Democracy

In Egypt today, women are clamoring for their own cultural and political identities. The Egyptians are starting to demand justice and democracy. The question is what role will women play in Egypt’s new political era? According to Nawal Al Saadawi the fight for democracy and women’s rights are one and the same. She says “There is no democracy without women because women are more than half of the society so how can you have democracy, justice, and freedom without half of the society?”Saadawi defines herself as a radical feminist, their goal is to change the Egyptian constitution so that it becomes secular, and all Egyptians are equal.Also, the family courts should grant men and women the same rights, in the Egyptian culture and economy, both genders should be treated equally as well.

When Malalai Joya was interviewed she stated that the U.S should leave Afghanistan because many civilians are being killed. She also found it insulting that for every victim the family receives 2000 dollars. She says its as if the victim’s life was only worth 2000 dollars. She continues to say that since Obama became president there have been more massacres and tragedies. There are photographs displaying the so called “kill teams” killing Afghani civilians. The soldiers who took part in the “kill teams” now face trial for killing Afghani civilians and collecting their body parts. Joya hopes the the soldiers will leave Afghanistan soon but does not believe it will happen anytime soon, even though she believes it will be best for the people of Afghanistan.

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2 Responses to “Blog #4 Democracy”

  1. andrewganga says:

    After seeing the footage released through wikileaks its hard to support staying in Afghanistan. The amount of innocent civilians dying cannot be justified in any way, especially not by the lack of military progress being made.

  2. cynthiaaa says:

    I think the women in Egypt to long enough to realize their place. In reality there is no democracy with half of the society missing. Event though many countries have come to their senses on women’s rights it is sad to know that in other parts of the world people are still being ignorant. I personally don’t even understand what the US is still doing in Afghanistan because too many people are being killed and no one is gaining anything, at least not that Im aware of.