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Blog #2: Face Veil Ban

May 7th, 2011 · 3 Comments

In the video on the face veil ban, there a debate about whether the state is entitled to tell people what to wear and what not. Professor Tariq Ramadan doesn’t think the state should be the one to say so. He believes it has to do with political atmosphere. I believe the state shouldn’t be the one to have a say in something like this, especially when it is something most people willingly do. He stated that many of the women who wear the niqab, converted to Islam, and they say they are doing it on their own, this is this own choice.

I personally know many women who wear the niqab because it is their decision and they are willing to do so, not because it is being forced upon them. It’s not about what to wear and what not, like being limited to being naked or not wearing pants, or indecent exposure. That would be on the grounds on offensive to other people, not on grounds of religious expression. Wearing more shouldn’t be a problem, nor should anyone else have a say besides the person wearing it. Freedom of expression should exist in this situation. Mona supports banning the face veil, and she opposes the burka. She states the niqab renders women invisible. I disagree with Mona, I don’t think it makes women invisible.

Sam Harris states that some significant percentages of the earth’s women are forced. I think that is a very bad assumption for him to make. Some women who converted to Islam actually take their religion more seriously than the ones that are born into it. And those women willing wear a face veil or burka. I feel people should be free to dress however they want to dress.

In the interview with Malalai Joya, she speaks of the situation today on Afghanistan. She spoke of the apology U.S. had to make for a series of killings around children, men, and women. She said the government was killing innocent civilians, and they would pay $2000 to each victim’s family. They feel insulted that the lives of their people are worth $2000 for them. When Obama sent more troops in Afghanistan, it resulted in more killing and failure. People were being killed as if birds were being killed.

Soldiers called the kill teams are now on trial; they murdered unarmed afghan civilians and collected body parts as trophies. They took pictures and posted them up on sites also. To her Afghanistan is now the 2nd most corrupt country. Almost 80% of people are jobless, and people don’t have enough food to eat. She doesn’t believe the troops will leave Afghanistan anytime soon, she believes it’s all lies, the troops double the civilians miseries.

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  • 1    Jessica Sorensen // May 10, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I agree with your views regarding women wearing a face veil. I do not believe that the government/state has any right telling these women that they are not allowed to wear something that they are entitled to wear. I could understand those being against it if these women were being forced to wear them, but if it is by choice, then I believe they should be left alone.

    Like you had said, many women wear face veils for religious reasons. Therefore the government has no right tell them they cannot wear them because that would be a violation of separation between church and state. It is also a violation of freedom of expression and religious expression. The topic of banning the face veil should not even be an issue.

  • 2    sharonak // May 11, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I feel like this is an extremely sensitive topic. Similarly in Judaism, women are encouraged to cover their hair with a scarf or a wig after they get married. Although I consider myself an observant Jew, I don’t think I would be comfortable with someone forcing me to do it. Its not an easy thing and I think that Muslim and Jewish women that do it by choice are very brave and I applaud them.

  • 3    lisaaa // May 18, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Yeah I definitely think it’s wrong how our country is killing innocent people in other countries. I don’t think it’s right considering our country should be trying to help but instead their are doing more harm. And there’s definitely no amount of money that can equal to the loss of a family member.

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