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Content for May 10th posting deadline

May 6th, 2011 · No Comments
Course Announcements

Since we’ll continue to discuss issues and themes from last week, there’s still an opportunity to blog about some of the material from last week.  Choose two items from the list below.

“Everyone’s missing the point” (Barry Lando) Truthdig, 5/3/10. This is an opinion piece, from a political blog, that ties together a number of the topics we’re dealing with through the remainder of the semester.  Challenges to his arguments are, of course, welcome. In your response you’re free to be as opinionated as you like.

Ch. 45, “Obedience vs. Autonomy: Women and Fundamentalism in Iran and Pakistan,” (Shahla Haeri) pp. 370-378.

Recommended (video): “France Face Veil Ban Provokes Heated Debate,” (panel discussion featuring author Sam Harris, Professor Tariq Ramadan, and columnist Mona Eltahawy) BBC Newsnight, 4/11/11. (10 min) and Eltahawy and Ahmed debate, Parker-Spitzer, CNN (10 min).

Recommended (audio-stream): “Inside American Islam,” On Point, NPR, 9/14/2010. Top Islam expert Akbar Ahmed just visited one hundred mosques in America. This is his report. (46 min)

Recommended (video): “Mother of the Revolution,” (interview w/Nawal el-Saadawi, Egyptian novelist, human rights activist, and radical feminist) Riz Khan, Al Jazeera English, February, 2011. (25 min)

Recommended (video): Interview with Malalai Joya, former Afghan member of parliament, antiwar campaigner, Democracy Now!, 3/28/2011. (13 min)

May 10

Ch. 46, “The Christian Revolution,” (Jenkins), pp. 379-386.

Recommended (audio-mp3): “In Israel, When a Jew is Not Jewish Enough,” Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, All Things Considered, NPR, 11/10/2010. (5 min)

Recommended (video): “Revolution in Cairo,” PBS Frontline, March 2011. (24:56)

May 12 – Resisting Globalization: Critique and Action

Paul Mason on global youth protest, “Towards a Politics of Solidarity,” Opening Plenary, Left Forum, 3/18/2011.

“Dubstep Rebellion – The British Banlieue Comes to Millbank,” (Paul Mason) BBC Newsnight, 12/9/1010.

Recommended (video): “Deleuze’s Postscript on Societies of Control,” Liquid Theory TV, 2010. (For the theory heads among you)

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