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As I listened to the audio conversation with Mr. Ramadan, he instantly striked me as a very confident man. After being banned from so many countries, it seems that he is still so popular and there are obviously many people who would like to sit down and have a chat with him. I completely understand his argument but some things he mentioned were striking to me. He argues that Muslims cannot/should not please the west. Ramadan urges that the mentality of Muslims needs to be changed from the inside. They spend so much time trying to adapt and adjust to western culture and society that they often forget the tru meaning of Islam. He claims that there are many arguments but above all, Muslims must live by the text. Regardless of the norms that were set ages ago, Ramadan argues they must continue to live by them. For example his argument on the stoning of women ( that got him kicked out of France) should be “celebrated”. The idea of being “too much Muslim”  to certain parts of the world is bizarre. Perhpas Mr. Ramadan knows a lot about the west and a lot about the Muslim world. This should not classify him as being a threat to the world. If anything he is spreading the knowledge both the west and the Muslim world need to know. His argument is very understandable and clear. Although I do not agree with every point he makes he does clarify the importance of knowledge and the different interpretations of Islam around the world.

According to Charles Kurzman, he discusses the modernization of Islam. He claims that there are so many differences yet there are similarities too. I don’t believe that this large group of people are living in ancience times and following an extremely ancient text. The Muslim people have every ability to become modern along with the rest of the world. Perhaps further modernizing the Muslim world will settle so many disputes the world is having. Perhaps it will eliminate harsh stereotypes and a lot of hate surrounding Islam. Islam is a beautiful thing with a long history and many traditions that should be able to keep the history but also become modern along with the rest of the world.

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One Response to “Blog Post # 5 Charles Kurzman/Audio”

  1. cynthiaaa says:

    After being banned by so many countries it is interesting how he is still allowed to express his views with others. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and he made things clear and went in depth so his point could be made. I don’t think Muslim’s should please the west and if they keep on adapting they will eventually forget their own identity. Although Muslims do have the ability to be modern, are they really taking the necessary steps to reach that goal?