Blog post 1 Bin Laden and other Thoroughly Modern Muslims

What I took out of reading this article was that Charles Kurzman really broke down the similarities and differences liberal Muslims and radical Islamists.

He goes on the state that most Islamists have graduated from modern schools, share modern values such as human equality and rule of law, and use modern technologies and some of them the latest methods of warfare. Many Islamist leaders have university instead of seminary educational backgrounds such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering and lawyers. So this goes to show that no matter what their religion is they still share modern values like in the western world.  Although the traditionalist groups, such as Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, are less willing to become a more modern entity.

Kurzman does believe that Islam is in fact a Western religion with many Muslims from across the world practicing Western politics

He seems very fare and equal, he stands by his views. He mentions that there needs to be more diversity in the Islamic countries which I agree with. I found a quote that I thought was extremely important In the interview with Tariq Ramadan. He was arguing that Muslims are “Western by culture, Muslim by religion”.

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One Response to “Blog post 1 Bin Laden and other Thoroughly Modern Muslims”

  1. andrewganga says:

    Muslims are “western by culture, muslims by religion”. I think the world has failed to realize that Muslims are a religious group like any other. There will always be traditional and westernized people in every religion and Islam is no different.