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Bin Laden: The Story So Far -The New Yorker

May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments
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New details on the OBL operation continue to emerge, and the White House is revising its original narrative of events.  (Guardian: “Osama bin Laden’s final moments: America changes its story –The US has backtracked on claims that Osama bin Laden died in a firefight and used his wife as a human shield”)  Does it matter?

Amy Davidson writes in The New Yorker:

How much does it matter for us to get all the details right? Isn’t there a larger truth: that bin Laden was a bad man, and a murderer, and a plotter of more murderers, and we got him—imperfectly, maybe, but doing our best? It still matters, a great deal. Our victory over him, ultimately, will depend on whether people in the world feel that we are asking them to live with the indignity of being lied to—or are complicit in the lies we tell ourselves—or are, instead, dealing with them honestly. The soldiers who went after him risked their lives; we can live with the truth, whatever it is.

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