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Kurzman had a very interesting articles regarding Modern Muslims. Before reading this article I did have a pre notion that Islamic cultures weren’t as modern. Maybe I felt that way because of the videos I saw of Osama in a cave and dressed in rags, living in a cave. They didnt give me the feeling that they were educated and into the mordern lifestyle. Kurzman made a good point when he stated that we shouldn’t be, “misled by the language of hostility toward the West. Islamist political platforms share significant planks with Western modernity. Islamists envision overturning tradition in politics, social relations and religious practices.” Osama combined both traditional grievances with contemporary demands, proving he was no old fashioned terrorist.

Ramadan’s interview seemed to be his way of defending Islam. A comment he made that I completely agree with is Western by culture, Muslim by religion. I feel that I live that way too regarding my life and my religion. I’m impressed on his feelings about the idea of stoning a women. From what I’ve seen through out the years and what my mother has told me about Iran, Muslim men never felt women were as worthy as them and never thought of a Muslim man to stand up for a woman but that does enforce the idea that people are becoming more westernize and not intentionally.

In Lockes letter concerning toleration, his primary goal was too “distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion”. Its interesting to see how people feel about religion and how it effects the opinions of government and society. Locke brings up a good point as to how would things we different if religion wasn’t the factors that shaped the opinions of today. What if it was the color of your hair or the color of your eyes and I completely agree with.him because it would be interesting to see how different the world would be if there physical things that influenced the world other than religion.

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2 Responses to “Blog Post #4”

  1. andrewganga says:

    The way I see it, religion will always be an excuse for people to explain why their way is the right way. In the societies of the past, religion was much more important than it is today, probably because of the lack of television, radio, the internet, and all of the other distractions that draw our attention. When it comes down to it, religion is a belief system that comes from our own interpretations. One individual can make an interpretation and live by it while another individual can make a drastically different interpretation and live by it too. Outsiders can never judge who is more religious because a belief system gains power from those who believe in it. Even so, its not right for anyone to judge another group because these religions were organized thousands of years ago and will probably be around until the end of time. All we can do is demolish ignorance and give everyone accurate information about those “others” in the world and trust that as individuals we will all be able to make logical decisions on our own. Americans were once “righteous” enough to own slaves so maybe we shouldn’t be as quick to turn other cultures away without understanding them.

  2. After reading the article by Kurzman, the notes on Ramadan, and the excerpt from Locke, I feel that my view towards this topic has somewhat changed as well. Many are unaware of how many Muslims ideas, specifically Islamists, have similar ideas mirroring those of the West; both Islamic liberals and radical Islamist seek to modernize society and politics.The goal to modernize society and politics may result in diversity amongst Muslims. As Muslim individuals modernize, their traditional views will gradually fade away. Traditional religious practices may eventually be lost if modernization continues amongst Muslims; causing diversity amongst traditional and modern Muslims.

    Tariq Ramadan strongly states that all Muslims are “Western by culture, Muslim by religion”. Ramadan believes that Muslims should go beyond integration and should become more involved with contribution. Ramadan also states that his point is not to please the West, but to change the mentalities of those within countries encompassing large Muslim communities.

    John Locke discusses the issue of religion and government. He states that religious toleration is the solution; arguing that religious groups prevent “civil unrest.” I agree with Locke’s statement; the main reason why people gather into “seditious commotions” is due to their experience with oppression, not necessarily religion.