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May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Charles Kurzman brings attention to how both Islamic liberals and radical Islamists seek to modernize society and politics. Because modern movements have taken  over, “traditionalist movements find it increasingly  difficult  to survive in a competitive religious environment”. Kurzman describes how the growth of secular education has led an expanding number of Muslims to approach religious questioning. In other words, Kurzman is saying that more people are separating from the traditional views of Islam as they enter this modern movement. This results in the diversity of Islamic opinion and   authority. The modern goal for the ultimate modernization in Islamic society is to abolish long-standing religious practices such as the honoring the relics and tombs but is this method better for society? I feel this will bring more diversity into Islamic society only bringing more problems within its people.

In the interview with Tariq Ramadan, Ramadan goes against the modernization that Kurzan speaks about, arguing that Muslims are “Western by culture, Muslim by religion”.  The issue is not that Muslims need to be integrated but that they need to contribute to his/her country and by this, there will be success in society. I agree with Ramadan on this because diversity is more of a disadvantage when it comes to different opinions because not everyone will understand ones views, causing conflicts. I also agree with Ramadan when he says that mentalities must be changed within the Muslim majority countries because in general, there will always be diversity as not all people share the same values so we must at least open our minds and try to build an understanding away from ethnocentrism.

John Locke brings a different view to the situation in that religious groups prevent civil unrest and that the real issue is how civil officials prevent the practicing of religions. I strongly agree with Locke’s viewpoint because refraining people only  advocates rebellion.

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