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May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

The Islamic religion, contrary to popular belief, is not an evil religion. Muslims all over the world contribute daily to our culture, whether it is through medicine, art, teaching or another field. The media has distorted the Muslim religion into a caricature of what is really is. In Tariq Ramadan’s interview, he emphasizes that Muslims have integrated into Western society, and that the way forward is to contribute. He Speaks about President Obama’s view on Islam, and mentions how it is heartening to these communities. His message is much more accepting and welcoming than other presidents have been, which will hopefully forge new, peaceful relationships with Arab countries.

John Locke’s letter mentions how Catholicism used to be seen as a threat to the English way of life. He promotes religious toleration and explains that religious groups prevent civil unrest. When any religion is persecuted, it will promote backlash from that religion and civil unrest. His quote ‘Neighborhood joins some, and religion others. But there is only one thing which gathers people into seditious commotions, and that is oppression’ proves that people can work and join together and live peacefully, but once they start to become oppressed or persecuted, they will react. It is not the fault of any one religion, rather it is the fault of the society which will not tolerate diversity.

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