Media and Sovereignty Assignment 2

Most often media over exerts itself by means of excessive coverage. According to Monroe E. Price, in Media and Sovereignty: The Global Revolution and Its Challenge to State Power, “media globalization fosters the reinforcement of power across national lines and the development of international agreement…” Most basically Price is stating that media can set upon and enforce a group of ideas or rule amongst the people of that particular area. Most often the media enforces to much of a particular idea or cultural into the minds of society through means of the media.
An example of this today would be the over-coverage of the Royal Wedding. Of course being such a large event, media must play a role in the releasing to society the essentials of the ceremony and its festivities, yet the media may be somewhat overwhelming and perhaps slightly intrusive. According to a news report of coverage on the Royal Wedding, there is said to be over one hundred international broadcasters to report back all the tiny details of the eventful day. CNN sent over 400 staff to cover the event, while NBC has has reportedly erected a makeshift newsroom within the ITN building. All across major networks, reporters are being briefed on the latest news regarding the wedding. It may be royal, but most ask the question of, when is enough, enough? With millions of people flocking to the UK for the memorable day, one cannot be totally convinced that the media has no part in the obsession with this wedding.
Price also states that, “broadcast regulation is an effort, within a society, to maintain or adjust the distribution of power among those who are dominant.” One can say this directly correlates to the example put forth above. The Royal family is one of the, if not the most, influential and known families across the globe. WIth all the media coverage based around this one day, is it obvious that this family is most important and it is clear that the media believes it essential that society is aware of every move made by those in power.

The Globalization Reader, Frank J. Lechner, John Boli

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3 Responses to “Media and Sovereignty Assignment 2”

  1. I was actually going to write about this. I’m shocked at how much coverage this wedding is getting. I wasn’t alive for the royal wedding of Princess Diana but my mom had told me that it was just as big then as it is now. Almost every channel I go to are streaming some sort of story on the royal wedding. I also cannot believe how crazy Americans are going over the whole thing. I guess it’s interesting to live through a royal wedding and ceremony. The media has informed the United States on almost every single thing that is going on in London. I suppose because of the media this particular wedding is a worldwide phenomenon.

  2. safia says:

    This is a topic on every newspaper, and the news. Its crazy how one royal wedding can be covered like this.I agree with you about this being an excessive coverage event. In the newspapers they were also talking about the different types of hats everyone wore.

  3. Prof. Hala says:

    Although I can’t quite bring myself to watch the video at this point, your well-written report addresses another angle of Price’s article — how media coverage reveals national priorities. Indeed, as our country is mired in numerous foreign conflicts and economic crisis, the relentless coverage of the “royal wedding” should make us pause.