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Blog post : Global Migration Blog # 1

April 27th, 2011 · 4 Comments

In 21st century migration is commons in big cities from rural area to urban area. People came to urban area because of job opportunity. People are migrating from developing countries to develop countries. This is a big globalization around the world. This migration has different effect on the world like economical, social and ecological. The main reason of migration is economical. People are migrating from one city to another city because they can’t earn enough money to live. Mostly people from third world countries like Asia and Africa move to developed countries in Europe, North America and Australia. Most of the time people left their family behind working hard and send the money to their family. If they find any opportunity they bring their family with them. According to the radio show Global migration and Arrival cities same way people are migrating from villages to the cities. There are too many social impact of migration like crime and unhygienic living condition. People who are move to city from villages start living in low rent area. Some times the create slums to save more money from rent or they don’t earn enough money to live in hygienic condition. City like Mumbai, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh people are moving to cities every day and the slums are getting bigger. In the slums children dose not have any nutrition foods, education and medical facility. When these children are growing up they are become unproductive and burden of the country. Most of them are addicted with various kinds of drugs and involved with various criminal activities. In the lecture Global migration help to reduce population growth that can ecologically help the country but is all the people are move to the city then who will produce foods for us. In this argument speaker says that when dose people are move to cities there will be more crop field for harvest. This argument is not always true because when people came to the cities this cities are become growing and spreading around the city area limit. So this migration has bad and good effect on globalization.

ABC is another way to say American Born Chinese. Flushing New York is the home of Asian American. The store bill boards are in Chinese that is no way to read the name of the store. This is very different environment from other place of New York. Mostly people are from mainland China speak and understand less English. This Chinese are called fobs. This is the collusion between main Chinese culture and adapting American culture. American Born Chinese are well adapted American culture and fobs in transition period. This is not only true for Chinese in Main Street flushing but also true for al cultures that are migrating from different part of the world Jewish culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Pakistanis in Cony Island Avenue Brooklyn, Indians in Jackson Heights Queens, and Mexican immigrant in Corona Queens.

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  • 1    anthonymunozjr // Apr 27, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Similar situations occur in Manhattan when immigrants move into tenement apartments. The Lower East Side (LES) shows the influence of immigrant populations via Chinatown. Although, parts of the LES have been “gentrified”.

    From my understanding the label “FOB” is insulting, ridiculing the persons inability to adapt to American society.

  • 2    Prof. Hala // Apr 28, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    I’m glad you listened to the “Arrival Cities” podcast, which I think is fascinating. The author’s argument that we should not necessarily classify urban “slums” as sources of poverty and economic dead-ends, but see them as “transition” points in a process of *upward* social mobility was especially interesting.

    Your point about the differences among earlier and later waves of immigrants being common across all ethnic/national groups is key — and I like your survey of NYC’s different immigrant centers. I didn’t know that Coney Island has a sizable Pakistani-American community! Wow.

  • 3    Prof. Hala // Apr 28, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    ALSO, PLEASE indicate the number (#) of your blog post in the title, so I can mark it.

  • 4    rklein100 // May 18, 2011 at 2:34 am

    I happen to live in flushing and see this immigration first hand every day. Many of the immigrants that come here from Asia live the same lives they would there. Many do not come for just economic reasons, as it is much easier to live in Asia but they come here for freedoms and choices. Only in America are you able to go to the supermarket and choose from 10 different brands of milk or cookies. America is the land of choices, as well as freedom. Although many asian immigrants come from a good home, there is no place like America. The choices and options that America gives you cannot be compared to another nation.

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