Blog #4 – Empire – Social Networks. Social Revolutions

The video clip about the social networks and social revolutions reinforces a hyper globalization of a mass media vehicle.  Social networks is a key fundamental asset that is now used by the Arab countries to organize revolutions.  An argument that social networks and the internet does not have a bearing on world revolutions and movements is weak.  Even Al-Qaeda uses the internet as a weapon for their own declaration of political revolution against the west.  The United States is starting to lack the social network capabilities compared to the rest of the world.  Government restriction is at an all time time and monitoring and revoking address due to offensive content is increasing.  The social network is a clear peaceful weapon now being used by the minority and general public to have their voice heard.  Revolutions are led by a singular voice that organizes a protest that leads to an increased attention to the uprisings.

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One Response to “Blog #4 – Empire – Social Networks. Social Revolutions”

  1. sharonak says:

    I totall agree that social networks are a key fundamental asset that is now used as a means to organize revolutions. Social networks were created for the purpose of connecting with other people and interacting with people that you normally wouldn’t. Whether people use it to meet old friends or organize revolutionary events, they need these networks to basically network.