blog post 3 the hispanic challenge

Just starting this article, made me feel as though the author felt that hispanics were getting in the way of the “white peoples lives”, but as I read on that changed. I agree with the author that the United States would not be what it is today without the British Protestants. They are the ones that shaped America into what it is today. But immigrants from places such as Mexico and other Latin American countries, have helped America also become a diverse nation. Although as stated in the article was a phenomenon post-1965, there were no laws that actually restricted immigration. Illegal immigration was easily controlled so when the 1965 immigration law came about, it increased transportation and Mexican emigration was promoted. Now in todays day there are millions of Mexicans who came into America illegally but have greatly contributed to the work world. Those who werent able to gain legal residence were able to take jobs that were usually unfavorable. With theĀ  1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act that was made to legalize the status of existing illegal immigrants and to reduce future illegal immigration was successful and worked to Americas benefits.

Something that stood out to me in the article was that, “Most immigrant groups have higher fertility rates than natives, hence the impact of immigration is felt heavily in schools.” I wasn’t sure if that was a fair comment to make. I felt that it might have given the impression that having more Hispanics and overpopulation would be some sort of obstacle for other students. But I did see when it became a problem when teachers had to deal with classes that had students who might have spoke more than one language at home. That can be an issue because some students would choose to stick together instead of socializing because of comfort levels.

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One Response to “blog post 3 the hispanic challenge”

  1. peterjun says:

    i agree that hispanics do take on alot of the jobs that are unfavorable. Alot of people complain that with the high unemployment rate that the mexicans are taking all of our jobs but if you honestly asked many unemployed workers if they would do hard labor jobs such as landscaping and janitorial duties that illegal immigrants do, most would refuse do to pride. I have alot of respect for the hispanic community that fled here from oppression and is trying to make ends meet by making $10000 a year and trying to feed a family of 6. Many are led here by the thought of the American Dream (which is no longer a dream as it once was). The only argument i would have against illegal immigrants is the tax and medical costs it costs those who are legal citizens. The borders need to be strictly controlled but we should have an open citizenship process.