blog post 2 Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy

Reading this article opened my eyes. Being in a sheltered community my whole life, I never had the opportunity to even hear anything that had to do with these poor women from these countries that had to change their whole lives in order to make money. Josephine gave up her lively hood and everything good in her life so she could support her children. She went through so much pain and suffering but where did it get her? Her children were suffering everyday without her. I am not a mother so I cant put myself in Josephine’s position but I think that it must have been really hard to live in poverty that she was willing to leave her children so they wouldn’t have to live like that. Her daughter Norma suffered the most I think because she was willing to take her own life. When it comes to that point, the person feels that being dead is easier than being alive, which is a direct effect of being left by her mother. No one can judge a mothers choices because they are the ones that know the meaning of true love for their child but I’d hope that there was a better solution than this.

Something that stood out to me in the article was when the Authors stated that women in western countries have started to have more careers and “paid work” and because of that it leads to them needing caretakers for their children. Because of this, women who come from poor countries have a reason to migrate which gives them the chance of coming out of their poverty and not having to live dirt poor anymore. Poverty pushes them to a point where, like Josephine, they have to give up their whole life, and more.

Along with women who are powerful and have money to employ these immigrants, men have even more money and the men in wealthier countries, according to the authors, are directly responsible for the demand for the immigrant sex workers. A reason for wanting the sex workers to be immigrants are because new immigrants take up the least desirable work. They are more likely to just take what they can and thats really unfortunate because that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart or done have more to offer.

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3 Responses to “blog post 2 Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy”

  1. Brenda says:

    What I found the most interesting about this article was how the author mentioned that first world countries now depend on third world countries. I have always looked at this issue from the point of view that first world countries were employing people from third world countries. I figured that as sad as it is that mothers have to leave their families, at least if they work in first world countries, they are making some money and they are not starving nor are their families. Even so, this is an extremely unfortunate situation. The author has allowed me to see the other side to this issue. Mothers in the United States and other first world countries could not work and live the successful lives many of them live without the help of woman from third world countries.

  2. temimahz says:

    I think this article is really a matter of perspective. It’s true that now women in First World countries have careers and this allows women to migrate for jobs, but at the same time the women from these Third World countries lose out on so much and can’t gain the opportunities back home. We can look at the positive but at the same time we need to acknowledge the negative about this world…

  3. Prof. Hala says:

    Nice, well-written post — but is it meant to be one of your required blog posts? It doesn’t say so in the title (there’s no number) and only one course item is addressed. Always title and number your blog posts please.