Blog Post 2 – Organized Crime

According to the video, “Drug Growers”, many Pashtun tribes have been growing and distributing opium and hashish as a part of their cultural beliefs and practices. It is interesting that this is a place where the government doesn’t have much control over the growers of the plant. The elder tribe members are the ones in charge of this small community. Here, the opium plants are brought to a lab where the plants are processed and made into heroin. The heroin is easily sold and consumed. This engages the community with a problem. Nearly 1 in 5 men are heroin drug users and most become drug addicts because they are easily exposed to the drug.
Farmers of opium feel that it is in their right to produce the product. One particular person mentioned in the film has his own body guards that follow him where ever he goes to ensure his safety. He states that government will probably not try to stop the growing of his plants because of his adequate military force. It is extremely unfortunate that the government can only overthrow those farmers that do not have a protective service for themselves and that this war against drugs will continue due to large amounts of opium farmers and the easily accessed array of weaponry.

According to James Mittelman, “crime groups are similar to legitimate businesses in that they embrace the logic of the market, show great flexibility in initiative, and are also hierarchy structured.” This relates to the video just mentioned. The elder leaders of the Pashtun tribes are the ones who allocate the growing of opium and hashish amongst the lands of Pashtun. There are in fact more influential than that of their government, in that they have a higher authority over the government in general. Also, these people embrace the logic of the market. They know that growing these crops will gain them more profits than that of fruits and vegetables and they use this to their advantage.

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2 Responses to “Blog Post 2 – Organized Crime”

  1. It’s funny how drugs are taken so seriously here and highly illegal meanwhile countries and cities rely on it to live. They use it for medicinal purposes that often help villages that most likely cannot afford actual medicine. Why not grow hasish? It’s free and natural. This county takes minor things more seriously then what’s really important. The war against drugs has become to repetitive over the years. This nation is filled with untrustworthy people who take everything for granted. They become drug lords and make millions of dollars solely because they are good at business. They are actual business men when it comes to selling the product ( drug). We spend more time picking at the small problems then usually never get resolved to being with. Villages like the Pashtun tribe grow opium as tribal beliefs and are most likely living calmer lives because it’s not looked down upon.

  2. Samantha Plaut says:

    The lack of control that is seen from this video in Pakistan amazes me. That, as you said only certain farmers will be targeted to have their poppy crops destroyed because they don’t have a source of weapons. That clearly shows us how little the government is in control. And since this fight is still going on, nothing has even been done about it! Maybe they destroyed one or two farmer’s fields, but they didn’t do much. This will just make the war go on because these people have easy access to buy guns; AK47 guns are very available there. I’m very curious to see how this continues to unfold.