Blog #3: Organized Crime and Illegal Drugs

In Mittelman’s article, Global Organized Crime, he discusses how globalization has made many effects in transforming organized crime in today’s society. Majority of how organized crime has been changing is due to all of the technological advances that have come about, and these get spread through globalization. The purpose of people partaking in organized crime is to make money, and this involves them in the economic world. In order for these crime groups to be successful they must look into the logic of the market. Crime groups don’t usually have many set rules, and their ties come from friends, family, or people of the same ethnic background. The places that are most susceptible to having organized crime take place in them would be places such as New York, Tokyo, and London. These crime groups are attracted to these places because of all the technological advances and financial services that are available. Since the crime groups are attracted to these areas it can cause many problems for the people living there and daily life. Organized crime seems to be something that will never disappear, only continue to grow as globalization increases, and will leave many negative effects on those places that are centers to globalization.

In the video called “Drug Growers-Pakistan,” it’s discussed how growing opium from the poppy cash crop is how most Pakistan people make a living. Opium is a religious practice in Northern Pakistan and many of the people depend greatly on it. The government wants the growing of the poppy crop to stop, but the farmers who grow the crop don’t see a reason to stop and don’t want too. So this turned into a fight, the government wants to come in and destroy their crops and the famers have weapons available such as the AK47, and are willing to fight. From the end of the video it’s known that this fight is still going on and there has been no resolution. I believe this is just a bad situation because now in Pakistan they have so many addicts and people who rely on growing this crop for their income. At the same time the government wants it gone because it’s not a good to have drugs freely available in the economy. I agree with the government that the opium and drugs should be taken out of the economy and stopped being grown. It’s so unhealthy for these people to live like this. It seems to be mostly affecting males, which in turn can have big affects on Pakistan in the long run. Bigger steps should be taken by the government to have this come to an end for good.

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One Response to “Blog #3: Organized Crime and Illegal Drugs”

  1. Brenda says:

    I agree that the growing of the poppy crop needs to be stopped in Pakistan. We have seen the dramatic toll it has taken on the people of Pakistan. Many men in Pakistan are drug addicts as a result of the rapid growing and selling of these drugs. We have already seen the effects it has had in Pakistan. It is only a matter of time before those effects become global. These drugs are grown in Pakistan but could be illegally transported around the world. Many countries have already stepped in to help combat the growing of the poppy crop. They have done so in fear that if the growing of these drugs continues, there will be negative global effects.