Attention: Time is Running Out for Blog Postings!

Just a reminder: FIVE blog postings (and TEN comments) are required.  That means you must post on upcoming material five different weeks (by the Tuesday of the relevant week, unless otherwise specified) — and there aren’t many weeks left.

Also, if you want a score and credit for your blog post, the title of the post must include Blog # (i.e., Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4, Blog 5, respectively) and it must address at least TWO eligible course items (text, video, mp3, etc.).

FYI, as stated on the course syllabus, “participation” accounts for 20% of your final grade (midterm = 35%, final exam = 35%, and two short written assignments = 10%).   Participation grades are based on blog posting/comments and preparation for and active participation in class discussion, including in-class assignments.

Course requirements include a midterm (35%) and final exam (35%), two short written assignments (10%), short written responses to the assigned readings (5 total), as well as preparation for and active participation in class discussion (20%).
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