Blog post 1 March 21 audio

who would have thought so much goes into making cotton? You have to choose fabric design and where your getting your cotton from. According to the audio, there are cotton mills all over the world, including Uzbekistan and Mali but America is the biggest cotton distributor. While talking to a prominent cotton distributor, Pedro, we found out that the US and Brazil are in a war over cotton. Brazil says that America has an unfair advantage because of the help it gets from the government. I thought that was really interesting because I was never aware of that. It makes me wonder what else is happening with the government that we really don’t know about. Where else is our money going?

While it goes back and forth between the countries,  brazil is stated as feeling that they are at a disadvantage. They don’t feel that it is necessary for them to back down when America is at such a higher advantage and they recieve more help. Hearing this audio makes me feel that all America really cares about is money and making a profit. America wants to pay money to get what they want, what a surprise. I agree with Chana, because she says that at the end of the day, we get our cotton from America and its like they basically chose for us and we have already paid for it because of the taxes so why not take advantage.

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