Creolization essay #1

Religion is one aspect of the spread of creolization. This includes colonization and spread of religion to a group of people. For example, the Spanish conquerors in South America, and the spread of Catholicism in Haiti. The spread of Catholicism made slaves believe in Gods that came from Africa. From this came the creole religion created in Haiti called voodoo. African slaves in Haiti contributed to their spiritual beliefs and the beliefs of the slave owner.

In the US, creolization has spread to cities such as New York City and Florida. Haitians are a big part of these two places. There is little Haiti where they are growing in numbers, bringing along their religious beliefs that help them shape into a diverse place among other cultures and nationalities.

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One Response to “Creolization essay #1”

  1. jasmina786 says:

    Religion has the greatest spread from one region to another. It has also formed groups seperate from one another but at the same time a common ground in respecting and living amonsgt one another. Religion has also impacted entertainmet, media culture, music, art, dance and social settings. It has made people sacrifice their lives, it has made us united and seperated, and caused nations to rage towards war. It has dramatically took an effect in politics and also how we view it growing up.