Facebook : An Active Creolization Machine

What is creolization? In the simple way to say creolization is well accepted new culture mixed with native or local culture. We can see creolization around us. When diversity progressed in the globe creolization happened. Pizza is very common US but pizza is not an American food Italian and Greek immigrant brings this food. Dominoes and Pizza hart makes this pizza fast but not like Italian pizzerias. This is real world example of creolization.

Come to another country and keep touch with childhood friends not vary easy things. I moved to New York September 2002 from Bangladesh. Long distance phone call is expensive and time distance just opposite from USA. Internet is the blessing of modern technology that changes some of our life style. This is not first time I am creolized by the blessing of science it is started when first time I am introduced satellite television network to our home. Fifteen years ago we can watch four satellite TV channels now we have over 200 TV Channels from around the Globe. People their favorite TV star as like western world. These cultural changes happened in the small town of Bangladesh. I keep touch with my friends via e mail. They send me letters and it takes two to three weeks to reach my home.

Facebook not only change my friendship with my childhood friend it also changes the way of living million people in the Globe. I think after the Roman Empire, Islamic and British era Facebook is the biggest event that has so much influence to our daily life. Romans rule the Europe; Islam rules Arabs, south East Asia and British spread their culture around the world that we still flow. Facebook is not way behind them it has 600 millions active account in 32 languages that mean if you don’t know English still you can use Facebook. Makes new friends makes comment on their picture and like me you can find your old friends. The Telegraph makes a repot on Facebook 15Jul 2009 that during the month of June attracted 87 million US users, who each spent an average of four hours and 39 minutes on the site. Father found his lost daughter via Facebook. Big or small corporation , Profitable or non profit organization and most recognizable institution  has Facebook account.Revulsion in Egypt happened through Facebook.

Facebook is a source of lost and found for relative and friends. Like an active volcano Facebook is an active creolization mechanism and its work 24 hours.



FaceBook In Reality

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3 Responses to “Facebook : An Active Creolization Machine”

  1. jasmina786 says:

    I also have facebook and found many old friends and family members who I have not seen in years. It is a tool that keeps many in touch with easy communication. However it takes away the trust and privacy of users. Although facebook has its many options of account setting in providing privacy, sometimes I find it open to the public and random strangers want to befriend me. Sometimes friends or family members become upset with one another and take each other out of facebook and relationships become strained. It also takes a great chunk of communication where if death of a family member happens, users find it easier to just use facebook rather then just call. It has made users less communicative. The most interesting thing is how facebook can be contagious especially what happened in Egypt, where users logged in and through one revolt a whole nation stood up for their rights. It is amazing how something such as facebook can create that crowd. It is the fastest creolization I have ever seen reach not only in one country but millions who use this form of communication.

  2. Prof. Hala says:

    Facebook is an interesting case. I think people, perhaps Americans especially, tend to underestimate how much of FB is “foreign.” About 70% of its users are outside the US! And as you note, it’s used in 32 languages!

    Be careful and proofread your text — I don’t think you meant to say that Facebook caused “revulsion” in Egypt. ;)

  3. andrewganga says:

    Facebook is a great creolization machine. I have one personal example of this. In my neighborhood there is a strong car culture and on the weekends a lot of us come out, sometimes hundreds of people, and have car shows where people show off what they have. The person who started these local car shows decided to give this particular NYC movement a name because its one of the few car events where everyone is invited and its not just secluded to one group. Through Facebook this movement has actually spread to other states and even other countries where people are supporting and following the same movement and it allowed these local events to become an international theme.