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Creolization Essay

March 10th, 2011 · No Comments
Creolization Essay - Assignment # 1

According to, creolization is the hybridization of a culture, as it absorbs and transforms forces from outside. A cultural practice that I have chosen that has spread from one geographic location to another is Iranian Music. Before Iranians migrated to other countries, their music was more traditional and the singers were older. The origin of the songs were more traditional and related to the older crowd. They were slower and had specific meanings.

In 1979 the Shah was taken out of Iran and the government situation took a turn for the worse. Many Iranians left their homes to start a better life. Both my parents had to leave their homes and start new lives in America. They themselves had no problem keeping their traditions alive because it was all they knew, it was their comfort zone.

From experience in my own home I realized my parents were trying to have my siblings and I listen to more traditional music so we wouldn’t forget where we came from. Being so Americanized, my siblings and I weren’t interested in the music. We were used to upbeat, exciting music so it was hard for us to find a common Ground with anyone from an older generation.

 As time went on, artist realized what was happening and younger artists became well known in the Iranian community in order to keep some sort of interest in the culture alive. The artist realized that if they changed their beats and made them more Americanized and hip they would not only be able to keep the younger generations interested, but the culture would continue to grow and not be forgotten.

Now that the younger generations have grown a liking to the music and still make it part of their everyday life, there is still a connection to their heritage and the culture that their parents came from. The change in the type of music gave me something to help me connect with my older relatives and because of that we enjoy each others company more and have more in common. The adaptation gave us the link to stay connected as a family.

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