Last chance to post before midterm!

Below is the last set of eligible content for blog postings before the March 15th midterm (Ch. 18 is included, since we didn’t get very far into it yet).  Posts should address at least two items.  Especially if you haven’t already, I suggest posting for 3/8 deadline — the exercise can help you prepare for the midterm.

Only a handful of students appear to be participating in the blog (posting and/or commenting). NOT GOOD.

Remember, at least 5 postings and 10 comments are required.  Also, comments made on any posts (including news items, videos, etc. that I add regularly) here count towards the 10 required comments.

Ch. 18, “Commodity Chains and Marketing Strategies: Nike and the Global Athletic Footwear Industry,” (Miguel Korzeniewicz) pp. 163-172.

Ch. 20, “Incensed about Inequality,” (Martin Wolf) pp. 183-189.

Recommended (video-stream): “Hans Rosling: No More Boring Data,” TEDTalks, February 2006. (21 min)

Ch. 21, “Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality?,” (Robert H. Wade) pp. 183-189.

Recommended (video-stream): “Joseph Stiglitz – Problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer,” Asia Society, 2/5/2008.

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