Assignment 1 – Rubric & References (adding links)

Assignment # 1: grading rubric: Essays will be graded on the basis of content, writing, and formal requirements. Scores will be assigned for each subcomponent below, where:

1 = poor / 2 = needs work / 3 = good / 4 = excellent

Content: How well does essay address the following?
Geographic move:
Change in meaning/practice:
“Creolization”/other course concepts:
Organization, structure, and development:
Clarity and style (readability):
Mechanics (grammar & punctuation):
Formal requirements (Y/N)

Note on references & links: You may use online sources for your essays, including Wikipedia.  Use your judgment regarding credibility.  Keeping with the style for blogs, it is recommended that you add links to online sources in your post.  Instructions for inserting links can be found here:

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