Eligible content for 2/22 blogs

We’re a bit behind schedule.  Next class, we’ll focus on Ch. 7, “Sociology of the Global System” and the recent article, “The Rise of the New Global Elite” (PDF via link below).  So that means you have a lot of options for blog post subjects.  Remember, you need to address at least two items from the list below:

Ch. 7, “Sociology of the Global System,” (Leslie Sklair) pp. 62-69.

Recommended (audio-stream): “P.K. 14,” Global Hit, PRI’s The World, 9/08/2010. http://www.theworld.org/2010/09/08/p-k-14/ (Click on “Play” icon on top for radio story; play youtube clip for video of recent live performance in Brooklyn, Power House Arena, 11/9/2009).

Recommended (video): “Lee Fang & Michael Whitney: Conspiracy Tactics from the Chamber,” GritTV, 2/16/2011. (13 min)

* “The Rise of the New Global Elite,” (Chrystia Freeland) The Atlantic, Jan/Feb 2011.

Recommended: “When Democracy Weakens,” (Bob Herbert) New York Times, 2/11/2011.

Scheduled for February 24 – Cultural Globalization:

Ch. 13, “How Sushi Went Global,” (Theodore C. Bestor) pp. 121-125.

Ch. 14, “McDonald’s in Hong Kong,” (James L. Watson) pp. 126-134.

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