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February 15th, 2011 · No Comments
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“What are we?” In what terms did we identify ourselves?

Or is Huntington’s question a bad question? An outdated question?

Below is a quick and dirty grouping of our answers to the question “What are you?” in today’s class. I copied everyone’s answers below, keeping your original punctuation and capitalization. Responses with asterisks (*) could be re-categorized in one or more different ways.

Action Alert: If you want to earn credit for one blog posting, analyze the data below. Post by Sunday (2/20).

Granted, not everyone took this seriously – or even interpreted the question the same way. The assignment is to critique and analyze the data below in some way. Your choice. Get creative. Don’t over-think it. Just try to make sense of the data, to the extent possible.  Feel free to speculate about what the data reveals about social identity. One paragraph will suffice.

One idea is to re-categorize the answers in a different way. Or create better names for the categories. Look for patterns in the data (the punctuation, for example). Assuming you took it somewhat seriously, you may choose to write about what you wrote, or how you interpreted the question. Or critique the question and propose a “better” one, i.e., one that would elicit better, more valid responses about identity.  Or you can critique the data (e.g., argue it isn’t valid or is unreliable). These are just a few examples of what you might write about in your blog post. Bonus points if you can weave in a reference to material from the course (reading, etc.).  But try to at least say something about what our results say about Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” hypothesis (and you might argue that we didn’t set up a good test).

For those interested in critiquing the data, you should note, if you haven’t already, that the presentation of the data below is missing some (possibly critical) information contained in the original, raw data. Do you know what it is? Write about that and possible effects/distortions.

Note: sample size (n) = 33

Nationality/Ethnicity/Race (8)




*I am a person girl from Pakistan

outgoing white American…?

Korean American

Persian American (and very proud)

*Guyanese-American Working Class Student [could be a category of its own, e.g., social class identity; also fits in category below]

Role within organization (Queens College) (6)


student studying to become a teacher

*hard-working student who body builds for fun

*female student

I am a psych major

professor [This would be my response for this exercise -NH]

Religion/Ethnicity/Nationality (4)

I am Catholic

I am Jewish

Persian Jew

*Determined Jewish American [Note: Determined is written above Jewish]

Species (5)

Human (x 2)


A Human being

I am a human being

Personal qualities (personality traits?)/states of mind (4)





Hobbies/passions (3) [I’m not sure either of these labels really captures this]

Car Guy

I play sports


Gender/Age (2) [+ 2 above?]

I’m a19 yr old girl


Don’t Know (1) [What’s a survey without a “Don’t Know” response?]

I don’t know anymore.

SAD=seeing Obama HOPE posters in all local #Yemeni bodegas while US kills their brothers n sisters in a secret war & sides w/dictator vs ppl
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