Content for Feb. 15 blog postings

Below is the list of items you may blog about for the next round (due by 2/15).  Your posts should address at least two items.

As you read Barber and Huntington, think about how Egypt’s uprising/revolution(?) fits into their respective paradigms.  Where do pro-democracy protesters fit in the struggle between “McWorld” and “Jihd.”  Does this popular uprising follow Huntington’s predictions for conflict in the post-Cold War world?

Ch. 4, “Jihad vs. McWorld,” (Benjamin Barber) pp. 32-38.

Ch. 5, “The Clash of Civilizations,” (Samuel P. Huntington) pp. 39-46.

Recommended (video): Benjamin Barber: “McWorld in Flames; Who Takes Charge in Egypt?, GritTV, 2/3/2011. (11 min)

Ch. 7, “Sociology of the Global System,” (Leslie Sklair) pp. 62-69.

Recommended (audio-stream): “P.K. 14,” Global Hit, PRI’s The World, 9/08/2010. (Click on “Play” icon on top for radio story; play youtube clip for video of recent live performance in Brooklyn, Power House Arena, 11/9/2009). [excerpt, in-class]

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