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Resisting Globalization

December 6th, 2010 · 3 Comments
May 17/Resisting Globalization

The Yes Man story sheds some light as to how much control the free market as on world issues.  The point of this story is that if we continue to let the market control and guide the way the world works, then we are doomed.  I agree with this because its time for change.  We need to do what is best for the world as a whole.  Greed has become the biggest driving factor to the market system.  When Andy pulled the Dow stunt, the Dow’s stock value decreased by 2 billion dollars.  The right thing to do is to clean up the Bhopal catastrophe but that would cost money and that is something that investors don’t want to lose.  I do believe that we have created a market system that makes doing the right thing impossible.  Everyone talks about doing the right thing, but no one is prepared to actually follow through with and pay for the costs

In Naomi Klein’s interview she says that a brand offer more than just a product. The product had an identity.  There has to be a story behind the brand.  If you have solely a product, then you can easily be matched by a competitor.  But a brand can never be matched by any competition.  It offers a sense of community to the people.  For example Starbucks.  It took the product Coffee and turned it into a place for everyone to go to, like a community.  Creating Brands opens a window of new forms of advertising.  In a way it raises the standard of living because brand creating keeps innovating new ways to advertise.  The competition drives up the quality of advertising as well.  Near the end of the article Naomi says that the market believes that consumers just don’t care that they are being drowned with all sorts of advertising and that we don’t care that we are being watched for consumer purposes.  I agree with this statement because  we all know whets going on but we still choose to have the newest electronic and to have the newest everything.

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  • 1    zeyanhe // Dec 8, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I agree, Yes man definitely draw our attention on how much the market system has influence us. Like you said, people want to do the right thing but money and the cost of it became their main priority instead.

  • 2    wilson // Dec 15, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Your last comment, “I agree with this statement because we all know whets going on but we still choose to have the newest electronic and to have the newest everything” is very true. I’m sure we’re all guilty for thinking that the newest electronics is better than what we have and we must get it. A prime example of this is the cellphone. Everything can be done on the cellphone nowadays, including internet browsing, video games, blog updates etc… but is all of this really necessary? I’m guilty of owning an iPhone, it can do it all. But, thinking about it.. 90% of the time when I’m on the phone, its for texting or phone calls. What I’m trying to get at is.. how do we stop the want of the “newest” product? maybe it’ll never happen. Everything is a competition in this world.

  • 3    dianab // May 16, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    I don’t think there is anything we can do to stop the free market. Market forces have taken on a life of their own as billions of people trade and share across boundaries. Globalization will only empower the free market, giving it more to work with and feed off. I d0 agree however that there is way too much freedom for greed in our current system and something needs to be done to curb that.

    Great post. I like what you wrote on branding.

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