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When is a Jew Not Jewish enough?

We hear in the audio about a boy who migrated from California to Jerusalem to enlist in the IDF. He was asked by the army what religion he practiced, he said Judaism. The army said that they could not write this on his identification card. His mother was not born a Jew, she had converted, so to them he was not considered a “real” Jew. The Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox are legalized and nothing else is. Even if you take a class you still will not be considered a real Jew, they say it’s cheating. The Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox say that it needs to be done by the strictest rules and by their relations and that’s it. They mentioned in the end of the audio that it was ironic that after the Holocaust so many people want to convert to Judaism, yet they are being turned away.

In chapter 42; Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims, Charles Kurzman speaks about how today Islamists have turned to modern ways of living, including schools, technology and laws. They still hold their traditional values and work ethic though. Taliban outlawed women from attending school, but Islamists actually raised the girls’ education level in Iran. Charles Kurzman also mentions more about technology and how radical Islamists use satellite phones etc., leading to use of the newest high-tech skills and Americas war on terrorism and how it might possibly help the Islamists by fueling the idea that the US is against Islam. He also describes the longer affects, however, saying that “longer-term approaches to the war on terrorism also face ambivalence. The modernization of Muslim societies, promoted by the United States and its allies as a buffer against traditionalism, may wind up fueling Islamism”

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