chapter 42 and when a jew is not jewish enough

Chapter 42

Mr. Kurzman makes a point of trying to show that while yes Islamists are trying to create a world in which sharia law holds sway they also will not eschew modern technology.  He goes on to state that most Islamists are graduates of modern universities and that they have been thoroughly exposed to the modern world and all that comes with it.  Kurzman draws parallels to the united states by showing how following the overthrow of the shah of Iran the Iranian people established a democratic government with free elections.  The idea of imposing sharia law of course intimidates the United States and many other western European countries who lately have been espousing a great deal of islamophobia  but we still should not stigmatize all Muslims because of this.  In fact according to the article generally in open elections the Islamist parties almost never win.  Most countries show them winning less than 25% of the votes.

Not Jewish enough

One of the largest hotbed political issues facing Israel today is the definition of who is and who isn’t Jewish.  The debate is centered on the rabbinates control over all things religious in nature within Israel.  Couples who wish to marry must receive a marriage license from the rabbinate according to Israeli law regardless of whether or not they are in fact religious.  The issue facing American Jews is that   many of them come from the more liberal branches of Judaism that have enormous followings in the United States but are almost nonexistent in the state of Israel.   As such the ultra right wing orthodox movements in Israel rarely recognize conversions performed by anyone other than members of the orthodox sect of Judaism which explains the issue facing this young man.  While I understand the issue I do not by any means agree with it.  The fact that someone who visibly observes Judaism is less Jewish than a totally secular non religious person in Israel to me is unconscionable.

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2 Responses to “chapter 42 and when a jew is not jewish enough”

  1. amy72089 says:

    i agree with you.. i know many non practicing jews in israel, nad they are considered more jewish than lets say a very religious jew here in america.. its sad that that is the way things are.

  2. wilson says:

    As I wrote on my blog entry regarding “Not Jewish Enough”, i agree with your comment; “The fact that someone who visibly observes Judaism is less Jewish than a totally secular non religious person in Israel to me is unconscionable.” It’s outrageous, I can totally see this happening in our religions and races as well. If I were to go back to China today (although I was born in the USA), people would definitely view me as an outsider and perhaps I would never be “Chinese” enough for the country and people there because my language speaking ability is limited. On one hand, I’m glad we’re not judged here in America yet on the other hand I’m bothered that other countries would think so outrageously.