Assignment #2 Media and Sovereignty

In chapter 36, Monroe Price’s article on Media and Sovereignty speaks about how the government needs to control and regulate the power given to the media.  According to her, government should decide and put regulation on the media about its freedom of speech.  I personally don’t support Monroe Price ‘s point of view because I believe freedom of speech is very important, and that the media should be able to have their rights to exercise this power, such as speaking the truth of a situation between different issues in different countries in stead of what the government tells the media to say either false information of the truth.  The word sovereignty which is defined as, “the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived”. For an example of media and sovereignty, I would like to draw a scenario on how government can manipulate the media on the presidential election.

During presidental elections, govenment uses the media with commercials to manipulate the people of the country by taking things out of contexts.  The government uses media to attack the other opponent by using commericials to minupulate the people of the country.  The people are very persuaded by this because people are visual learners.  This is why I think government should be detached from the media so they don’t use the media to manipulate the people of the country to false or untruthful massages/news.

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