The Wealth Gap and CHP 36

The wealth gap discusses the disparities in wealth vs income inequality. The speaker states how wealth is all of your assets minus your debts, and income is the flow of money that comes into a household. In 1 percent earned 17 percent of total income but owned total 34 percent of wealth and the bottom 60 percent earnd 22 percent of income but only 4 percent of total wealth..,,so wealth is more unequal.She also speaks how women of color are most unfortunate because they are 1) a woman, and 2) non white. She stated that the average woman of color only has 100 dollars of wealth.. this is so absurd to listen to because you dont realize how many people truly dont have as much as we assume they do. Its sad to say that I myself live in a very naive one minded world where if i dont see horrible things occuring, its very hard to put them into reality. I dont see on a daily basis people hungry, and needy, or in poverty.. maybe it would be better if I did because then I would truly understand this horrible phenomenon that is going on.. until then I just listen and read stories and can not believe that this actually occurs, and am very disturbed by it at the same time. The speaker also states that there is a “wealth escalator” that is provided to men of color as opposed to women of color.. the women of color actually have better education than men,so it seems strange that they arent receiving more benefits..however, due to teh wealth escaltor, the women of color do not have acccess to jobs that have “fringe benefits” such as 401k and pension.. Again, this is just a shame to read because this just makes America more unequal and frustrated, and i think this is what resorts in crime/resentment.
In chp 36, author Monroe Price discusses how states fear that media is going too far, and that it is ruining their sovereignty. Price states how in India they filter a lot of their media. In my assignment that I wrote, i discussed how I cant imagine living in a world that is completley censored by the government.. even though many societies live in a world like that. It is very unfortunate and unfair for people to be so confined and ruled by one power.

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