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Chapter 42 and 43 response

October 29th, 2010 · No Comments
Apr 12/Cultural Globalization & Latino Immigration and American National Identity · Reading Response Memos

In the article, “Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims,” by Charles Kurzman, discusses about Islamists. He explains about how today Islamists have gone to modern schools, follow modern laws, and also use modern technology. These technologies lead to the use of the newest high-tech skills, which also include the use of satellite phones. I think it is good that they are still holding their tradition values. Kurzman talks about how Bin Laden had training in civil engineering. He also talks about the difference between the Taliban and Islamists and how the Taliban forbid women from attending school, but the Islamists raised the girl’s education level in Iran. Kurzman finishes his article by explaining the Americans war on terrorism and how it could possibly help the Islamists by the idea of the United States being against Islam.
In the article “The Challenging of Fundamentalism”, Tibi makes many interesting point regarding Islam. He discusses how anti-Western civilizations have invented their own tradition of Islam, dressing in traditional symbols. For them there make goal is nothing less than a radical repair of the existing system of nation-states that goes back to the 1648’s. Tibi argues that Islamists cannot succeed to this dream. I believe that Tibi is right in his understanding of the identity problems being the key factors of the Muslim modernity.

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